Immunosuppresive therapy in Ulcerative colitis or Crohns disease.

Injection 25mg
Tablet 25mg, 50mg

PO/IV 1-3mg/kg

Dose between 2-3mg per kilogram is used, sometimes with initial 5 day intravenous duration.
Manipulate oral dose to multiples of 25mg if possible to save handling broken or crushed tablets.

Hypersensitivity, dizziness, fever, rigors, muscular pain, disturbed LFT’s and hypotension. STOP DRUG
Bone marrow suppression – dose related.
FBC weekly for first eight weeks then decrease to monthly for 3 months and then to 3 monthly

Reduce dose of azathioprine by 25% if on concomittant allopurinol.
Manufacturers report interaction with rifampacin.

Thought that 5 day course of IV azathioprine will put patient into remission earlier than 4 to 6 weeks if course is started with oral medication.
Infuse IV dose in dextrose/saline over 1-3 hours.
Each patient on Azathioprine and their GP and, if appropriate Paediatrician, will receive an Azathioprine protocol sheet detailing side effects and investigations such as blood tests

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